Leibster award


So I have been nominated by the very lovely http://thegingerrules.wordpress.com/2013/06/15/berlin-style-diary-day-4/ for a Leibster award. Yay is what I have to say, thank you so much I’m really happy my little blog has been recognised.
For those of you that don’t know, the Leibster awards are a really fun thing to help promote new upcoming blogs that have less then 200 followers.

So these are the rules set by the wonderful bloggers before me-

1. Link back to your nominator

2. Answer your Leibster questions given to you.

3. Nominate 10 more blogs that have 200 followers or less.

4. Think of 10 fun questions for them to answer

5. Go to their blogs and pass on the good news glow.

So here goes, these are my answers:

• Chips or crisps?
Definitely chips, in fact any food that you eat with chips is amazing . Fish and chips, burger and chips…case in point.

• mini, midi or maxi?
Midi…I’m not keen on my legs so I never wear mini’s unless I’m wearing tights and I always find I’m a bit too short for maxi’s which can make me look much shorter and heavier then I actually am.

• Summer or Winter?
Hmm In terms of fashion I prefer dressing for winter, I love layering, tights, boots, jumpers…you can understand my love. But, on the other hand I hate the cold, I can’t cope. So in my ideal world it would be lovely weather but everyone is dressed in winter clothes.

• Cats or Dogs
Dogs and cats

• Heels or Flats
Heels no flats, no heels, no flats…both?

• twitter, Facebook, Instagram
I am the only person in the world that doesn’t really understand twitter, Facebook is great for keeping in touch with people, but I probably prefer Instagram, I love photos and find it the most interesting…nice to have a spy on celebs too.

• Boys or girls
I have a mix of boy and girl friends. Much more balanced that way.

• Sequins or fur?
Sequins and fur would be interesting

•Birthdays or Christmas?
Christmas, I love the whole Christmas season rather then just the day.

• What do you want to be when you’re older?
Hmm well I am currently designing and setting up my own sleepwear and loungewear business called LaLaLoula so my aim is to be working full time on that as soon as possible.


So there’s my answers…here are my questions set for my favourite upcoming bloggers 🙂 their links are below, please do check them out and spread the love.

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7. Favourite high street store?
8. Favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
9. If you could hop on a plane and fly anywhere in the world where would it be?
10. If you were re-incarnated as animal what would it be?

I think these blogs are great and have duely nominated…
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Boyfriend jeans

It’s the weekend! Woop woo! And what’s more is I have it off work. I can’t wait to enjoy the nice weather and chill out and enjoy time with friends.
So I set off my weekend outfits with my favourite jeans ever. I find jeans so difficult to fit properly, but I love these boyfriend fit ones. They are so comfy and effortless. If you haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet. I definitely think you should do it.






I’ve also just noticed that Bertie the cat is having a cheeky spy on me. Left hand side of the last photo. Cute.
Top- Primark
Necklace- Primark
Jeans- Whistles
Belt- Whistles

My summer beauty must haves

Now the sun appears to be staying in place for once, i thought that i would share my favourite summer beauty must haves.

If you are anything like me and are typically British aka: pastey white you will understand my need for fake tan. I am also really rubbish at applying fake tan, so Instead I use a gradual tan moisturiser instead. I have tried countless different ones and this one is by far my favourite. It smells so nice and leaves my skin feeling so soft.


I also use Sally Hansen airbrush legs. If you haven’t tried it, you have to. It is so amazing. It’s a bit like foundation for your legs is the only way to describe it. Basically you have to try it. Oh and it smells a bit like doughnuts.



I think that the perfect combo with a nice tan is a deep red nail varnish. I bought this one the other day. It’s from the Barry M gelly range. It’s super duper shiny and the colour goes with everything.




A good daily moisturiser is key anytime of year but even more so in the summer. I have heard so many great things about Nivea but haven’t really ever tried many of their products but this is perfect in my skin. My skin has felt so soft and it has even helped keep it clear and blemish free. It’s such a good staple for everyday and is inexpensive you should definitely try it .


So there we go, they are my summer must haves.

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These brogues are made for walking


Yesterday evening was the perfect summer weather everyone waits for all year…well in England anyway. It was warm enough still at 9pm to be waltzing around in a t-shirt. How amazing is that!




For our little stroll around Oxford I wore my new metallic brogues. I say this a lot but never have I loved anything more right now. They are my new most favourite thing ever.


I wore them with a trusty stripe tee from reiss and a floaty, mint green dip hem skirt from Zara.
Lets hope it stays nice!




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Brogues- Zara
T-Shirt- Reiss
Skirt- Zara
Belt- Whistles
Sunglasses- TopShop

Bank holiday sun

It WAS sunny and will be again on Friday apparently, sadly until then we will have a week of rain…bummer but at least the bank holiday was nice. What did you all get up to?
I went for a picnic with my friend which was sooo lovely. I actually got sunburnt, I think only the Brits are capable of getting sunburnt in 15 degree heat.

I am a major fan of the pyjama trouser At the moment. They are the most comfy things you will ever wear and are perfect for this sporadic weather we’re having. These ones are by Markus Lupfher for Whistles. I wore them with a simple block colour crop top, as I think you need to go for something simple with a pattern as bright as the hearts on these trousers. I’m always a bit sceptical of crop tops but this one, I’m not ashamed to say, was inspired by a look i saw rihanna wearing. I got it for £2!!! from Primark so thought I’d join in with the cropped thing.








Top- Primark
Trousers-Markus Lupfher for Whistles
Boots- Office