Today I’m wearing

Today it is pretty chilly again…I think our great British summer has already been and gone. But, I’m clinging onto the hope it’s not over yet and we can still wear our summery pieces.

I have warmed up my summery midi skirt with a more wintry grey fedora style hat and textured grey tights. I also love the combination of navy and orange together, so have muted down the bright summer orange with a textured, navy leotard type top. (it has velvet bits on it, it’s lush) one of my prouder primark buys!
Hat, TopShop
Leotard, primark
Skirt, river island
Belt, whistles
Tights, whistles
Arm cuff, TopShop
Bracelet, vintage


Penny’s for a pound

So this month I’ve been saving money and have really had to watch my spending. I have actually shocked myself and am doing pretty well.
As the saying goes, save the penny’s and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Well that’s all well and good, but it does then mean you have more pounds to spend. So, surely then it’s only right to invest in something. Which is why I’ve decided to invest in this little beauty. I know it’s a bit counter-active but I can’t help it.

I’ve been looking for the perfect leather for ages. This is it. I have been looking at vintage aviator type ones, as I sometimes think that newer leather can look quite stiff, even the more expensive brands. I also decided I didn’t want black, as sometimes they can look quite harsh and a bit too bikery (is that a word?).

This is perfect, it actually reminds me of a Burberry style I saw a while ago, but is obviously less then a quarter of the price. It’s got a beautiful distressed finish and just enough detail to make it classic enough to be the perfect Investment for the future. I absolutely love it. What do you all think?
Shame I’ve got to wait until next month to save enough penny’s.

Its from Whistles and is available now.


Met ball

I know that the Internet world of fashion is going mad right now with photo’s from the Met Ball… is particularly great, if you somehow missed out on all the action, but I thought I might join in on the festivities too and show you my favourite looks.

Cara Delevigne and Sienna Miller…
I didn’t think I could love these two more, but my love just got bigger. Both in head to toe Burberry, it doesn’t get much better. Apparently, Sienna is tipped to become the new face of Burberry too which is pretty exciting.

On the other hand, I’m sad to say there were quite a few fails…Madonna. I love her, but what was she thinking?! If you haven’t seen already it is definitely worth a look.


Lancôme and Alber Elbaz

For so long I have dreamt of finding the perfect mascara. Anyone that knows me, knows I am a big fan of eye makeup of the mascara variety, so it’s not such a weird dream.
I have tried everything from Dior Show(a lot of people’s favourite) to Collection2000, to the million different types Rimmel comes out with each week, that Boots kindly place on offer. Few have come close. Other then Lancôme. For me it is by far the best.

It adds volume without being clumpy, curls and lengthens and I only ever have to apply once. I didn’t think It could get any better…I was wrong.
Lanvin’s Albar Elbaz has hand illustrated a whole range of Lancôme collectables. Never have I loved makeup packaging more.
This mascara is £23, in Selfridges from June 15th. Limited time only apparently so I may have to fight you for one.


Chanel no.5

When I think of Chanel no.5 I think of not just the iconic scent but the adverts that go along with it too. Audrey Tautou on a mysterious train ride with a very handsome man following her around, sweeping majestically through the streets of Paris. Or, that very odd advert with Brad Pitt rambling on about something no one will ever be able to figure out.

In fact, the last place I would ever expect to see anything related to possibly the most iconic perfume in the world would be here….on a motorway!
I could hardly contain my excitement when my friend sent me this. I felt it necessary to carry on the legacy of the Chanel no.5 in some way and share with you. Well, that’s how I like to look at it anyway.


Shopping the coupon way

So I’m sure you will have all lived the moment when you have to resort to using your Boots points to pay for that £2.99 nail varnish.
Well today I discovered a new venture in the budget shopping extravaganza Boots likes to award us with. Coupons.

For so long I have found them at the bottom of my bag, only to discover they expired about a year previous. Well not this time. I picked up this mascara normally £11 for £8 and this face scrub, normally £9 for an amazing £4. I’ve never used No.7 before so I will let you know how I get on.
For those prices, you can’t really go wrong, or can you?


Today I’m wearing

I absolutely love my new tie dye jumper, I think I have a bit of a thing for tie dye at the moment. This one is perfect for this sunny weather we’re FINALLY having. I’m wearing mine with boyfriend fit jeans today but also look great with denim shorts if you’re feeling daring enough to bare the leg.
Jumper: river island
Necklace: vintage
Sunglasses: whistles
Lipstick: Rimmel/orange coralista