My summer beauty must haves

Now the sun appears to be staying in place for once, i thought that i would share my favourite summer beauty must haves.

If you are anything like me and are typically British aka: pastey white you will understand my need for fake tan. I am also really rubbish at applying fake tan, so Instead I use a gradual tan moisturiser instead. I have tried countless different ones and this one is by far my favourite. It smells so nice and leaves my skin feeling so soft.


I also use Sally Hansen airbrush legs. If you haven’t tried it, you have to. It is so amazing. It’s a bit like foundation for your legs is the only way to describe it. Basically you have to try it. Oh and it smells a bit like doughnuts.



I think that the perfect combo with a nice tan is a deep red nail varnish. I bought this one the other day. It’s from the Barry M gelly range. It’s super duper shiny and the colour goes with everything.




A good daily moisturiser is key anytime of year but even more so in the summer. I have heard so many great things about Nivea but haven’t really ever tried many of their products but this is perfect in my skin. My skin has felt so soft and it has even helped keep it clear and blemish free. It’s such a good staple for everyday and is inexpensive you should definitely try it .


So there we go, they are my summer must haves.

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10 thoughts on “My summer beauty must haves

    • Thank you so much. I just had a look at yours, it’s amazing. I love your photo’s. I’m following you now! 🙂 be lovely if you wanted to follow me too x

  1. So tell me about those airbrushed legs? My mom bought this for me like 8 years ago and I never tried it…I am always afraid its going to get everywhere and make me look orange. BTW that nail polish looks good on you =)

    • It’s amazing! Basically, I hate my legs, I always wear tights even in the summer and I’m rubbish at applying fake tan too so I was sceptical as well. I can’t describe how great it is. Basically you spray it on your hands and rub onto your legs. Because your doing it with your hands it’s so easy to control the application so your legs never look blotchy, it gives a really even layer.

      It is water resistant (it actually is) and only comes off with soap so it comes off your hands and if you don’t like it you can take it straight off. I’m sure you will though! I can’t praise it enough.
      If love to know how you get on x

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