Barry M Nail Pen

So far, I have yet to get on the bandwagon of the latest nail art craze. I have obviously seen different designs and products in all my usual fashion mags and have been meaning to get involved for a while.

Well I accidentally, broke my spending ban yesterday when I was on my, what has become an almost daily trip to Boots. I was actually searching for one of the new gelly varnishes from BarryM but found they had completely run out. Gutted.

But, all was not lost. I discovered the different colour nail art pens they have to offer. I actually nearly went for a models own one as it was in a cute little box(I know that is completely irrelevant) and it had little instructions on how to use the two applicators, which I quite liked as a new user. They also had loads of really fun, summery pastel colours.

I finally decided to go for the BarryM plain black one in the end as it was £2 cheaper(save the penny’s) and I did think that as a first time experiment that may well turn into a one time thing, it was probably best to go with the cheaper,simpler option.

This is my first time effort, turns out I am possibly the least ambidextrous person ever. I had fun doing it though, I would definitely recommend having a pop.
What do you think? Is it worth me investing in other colours?

Nail art pen: BarryM in black £4.99



2 thoughts on “Barry M Nail Pen

  1. Hey…I still need to call you! You must come down and dig a bit of country dirt with those tony talons! Miss ya….and love your new blog!

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